CineDrunk: 2005 Oscars Retrospective


Before we dive head first into this year's Oscar season, we took a quick trip in our DeLorean to a decade ago and the Academy Awards race of 2005. In case you need reminding (or inspiration to drink), this was the infamous year when Crash took down Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture in the final lap. We let the expletives fly as we discussed the top races, who or what we would've voted for, and what we think of the nominated films and performances ten years later.

In honor of the Best Picture winner, we couldn't be bothered to create an actual drink recipe, but threw a large amount of liquids (mostly of the alcoholic variety) in a bowl and called it the "Crash and Burn." You can do the same at home with any non-poisonous liquid! Though you might want the poison handy if you're thinking of re-watching Crash. Hiyo! No, we have some nice(ish) things to say about that divisive Paul Haggis film, so not to worry if you're a fan. 

Listen in, and let us know how you might've voted, or if you agree with Nathan that Felicity Huffman in Transamerica is "the most garbage piece of human acting in the past thirty years." 

Editor's note: Matt's fuzzy memory mentions that Chris Cooper was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at that year's SAG Awards for Capote. His memory is as hazy as his recollection of Capote, and he is mistaken. He was thinking of the much-less-prestigious Golden Satellite Awards, where Cooper was indeed nominated for his work in that film. He did receive a random SAG Supporting Actor nomination for Seabiscuit two years prior, so that's probably what he was thinking of.

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