CineDrunk: Top 10 Favorite Oscar Nominations of the Last Decade

Our favorite Thanksgiving related film moment -  Addams Family Values

Our favorite Thanksgiving related film moment - Addams Family Values

Before the current Oscar season discards or ignores our favorite films and performances, we thought we'd take a moment this holiday weekend to focus on the positive. We love the Oscars, drinks, and lists in almost equal measure, so what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving then by counting down our ten favorite Oscar nominations from the last decade in our latest inebriated podcast! 

We considered every nominee from 2005-2014 in all categories, even films or performances that won. While our tastes aligned much of the time, we were surprised at the diversity in our selections. A few choices seem like no-brainers, but each of our top ten lists provides a personal snapshot of what we're thankful the Academy got right.

You can find the recipe for the mulled wine we were drinking here -- we added 1/2 cup applejack brandy and replaced the star anise with an anise flavored liqueur because of course we did. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend or at least the start of the true holidays (Oscar season!), and let us know which nominations from the last ten years you're most grateful for!