CineDrunk: The CineMunchies and Our Favorite Movies of 2014

We know you love lists. We know we love lists. You know you love lists. It's time to roll out the lists.

Drink(s) in hand(s), we celebrate 2014 in our latest podcast, and a stellar year at the cinema it was. Each of your hosts has a Top 10, which we count down in Part 1 of our show. In Part 2, we award the first annual CineMunchies, our end-of-the-year superlatives featuring such categories as Best Performance by an Elderly British Person and The "I Wasn't Sure You Had That in You" Award.

Leading up to this recording, the anticipation had us on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

But we managed to keep the conversation civil and the drinks simple. After all, it's a celebration of our individual favorites, not a debate.

A special shout out to our Best Wine of 2014 (which is another way of saying Best Wine Under $20 That Tastes Good With Cheese): the 2013 Celler Bàrbara Forés Blanc. And our drink of choice for the evening? Boozy hot cocoa.

Peppermint-Spiked Hot Chocolate
Here's a drink even your teenager can make! Er... Step 1: Make the best hot chocolate you know how to make. Step 2: Add several generous shots of the cheapest peppermint schnapps you can buy. Step 3: Enjoy!

Thanks for joining us to look back on Film Year 2014! Cheers!