CineDrunk: Best of 2018 - Top Ten Lists

Who among us has a weakness for bears and marmalade? Who is far from the Shallow now? How many horse movies can we abide? You’ll never know if you don’t listen to our most anticipated podcast of the year! Mix yourself a Dumpster Fire cocktail (the official drink of 2018 because it’s all the year deserves and all we can afford) and join us as we reveal the movies that moved us in 2018.

There will be drama, there will be drunkenness, and by god there will be dancing. Cheers!


Dumpster Fire Cocktails

2 oz cheap vodka
3 oz cheap fruit juice
1 generous splash seltzer or club soda

Combine ingredients with ice in whatever glass you have that’s moderately clean. Stir and serve.

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