Final 2017 Oscar Predictions

Final 2017 Oscar Predictions

At long last, the time has come! The 90th Annual Academy Awards will be held this evening, marking the conclusion of this lengthy movie awards season (made slightly longer this year by the Winter Olympics)! [...Except for the all-important 4th Annual CineMunchies which we will bestow next week.] Here at CineMunch we've ranked our favorite films of 2017 and we know who we're rooting for tonight, so it's time to double down on some final predictions.

We've seen some intense battles of late in Oscar's biggest category, Best Picture, but this year truly is the craziest I've ever seen. We thought Gravity vs. 12 Years a Slave (2013) was close; we can presume Birdman vs. Boyhood (2014) came down to the wire; Spotlight overtaking The Big Short and The Revenant (2015) was a welcome surprise; and then there was last year's shocker. At this time a year ago, I wrote about how the suspense of that Oscar night was not to be found inside the final envelope (boy was I wrong) as La La Land seemed to be an unstoppable behemoth...and I think we can recall how that played out -- congrats again, Moonlight! So while Best Director and all four acting awards look set in stone, the night's biggest prize is still so up in the air that there are realistically FIVE Best Picture nominees that stand a good chance of being named 2017's MVP.

So settle in, mix yourself a cocktail (we'll be starting with Kaluuya's Kahlúa in honor of Get Out from our Oscar Menu), and follow along with our predictions below! For more (snarky) commentary and up-to-the-minute analysis (provided our television cooperates this year), be sure to follow us on Twitter @CineMunch.

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2017 Fall Movie Preview: Most Anticipated Films

2017 Fall Movie Preview: Most Anticipated Films

The days of pumpkin spice and cinema for grown-ups are upon us! The year in film so far has been incredibly disappointing, but we've found some cautious optimism when looking ahead to the remainder of 2017. Below you'll find the twenty movies we're most eager to see - for better (Call Me By Your Name) or worse (Happy Death Day). Titles link to the film's trailer where available. To see what we were looking forward to in past years (as a basis for our judgment), click here, here, or here. The three most recent Best Picture winners were all featured on those lists, so perhaps one of the twenty below will join that esteemed group (looking at you, Geostorm!).

Now on with the lists, and happy movie-going!

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CineDrunk: Favorite Actress Showdown - Part Three

The finale has arrived! Who will emerge victorious as CineDrunk's favorite actress?

If you missed our previous podcasts in this series, check out Part 1 and Part 2. You can find the all-important Gin Gin Mule recipe in Part 1, which is sure to enhance the listening experience.

In this episode, we pit the actresses we like to call Blockbuster Beauties (i.e., those who can or could open a movie/command a good paycheck, and/or have been part of a franchise at some point) against the Indie Queens (reliable actresses known for choosing interesting work).


To recap our criteria: each actress must be alive, still (more-or-less) working in cinema, and have at least one Oscar nomination to her credit. Keep in mind this showdown was recorded in one sitting, so we're super tipsy by this point. Cheers, and thanks for listening!


Sandra Bullock
Angelina Jolie
Michelle Pfeiffer
Natalie Portman
Julia Roberts
Sigourney Weaver
Reese Witherspoon
Renee Zellweger


Juliette Binoche
Patricia Clarkson
Toni Collette
Viola Davis
Laura Dern
Laura Linney
Frances McDormand
Marisa Tomei