The Top 5 Food Moments in Film 2014

The Top 5 Food Moments in Film 2014

For food lover cinephiles, 2014 was an undeniably good year. We got our hands floury with Agatha in The Grand Budapest Hotel and watched the activists in Selma find nourishment with an old-fashioned, stick-to-your-ribs Southern meal. We also saw mealtime interrupted by an avalanche (literally and figuratively) and become a catalyst for a marital reckoning in Force Majeure.

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CineDrunk: Favorite Actress Showdown - Part Two

In the second part of our showdown to determine CineMunch's favorite actress, we dig into the best the UK has to offer (lovingly called our Ol' Brits bracket) and the cinematic treasures of Hollywood (the American Classics). If you missed part one, take a listen and find out who emerged victorious in our Oscar Faves and New Wave rounds and will continue to the finals. And check out the recipe for our corresponding drink: the Gin Gin Mule.


To recap our criteria: each actress must be alive, still (more-or-less) working in cinema, and have at least one Oscar nomination to her credit.


Judi Dench
Sally Hawkins
Helen Mirren
Maggie Smith
Imelda Staunton
Tilda Swinton
Emma Thompson
Naomi Watts


Annette Bening
Sally Field
Jane Fonda
Jodie Foster
Whoopi Goldberg
Holly Hunter
Susan Sarandon
Lily Tomlin