2018 Fall Movie Preview: Our Most Anticipated Films

2018 Fall Movie Preview: Our Most Anticipated Films

What are we excited about this fall movie season? A whole lot. We’ve got a pair of classic horror reboots, Barry Jenkins’s follow-up to Best Picture Winner Moonlight, a Bradley Cooper Oscar vessel (heyyy Lady Gaga), and so much more.

Read on to see why this is one of the most exciting fall movie seasons in years. Happy watching!

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CineDrunk: Favorite Actress Showdown - Part Three

The finale has arrived! Who will emerge victorious as CineDrunk's favorite actress?

If you missed our previous podcasts in this series, check out Part 1 and Part 2. You can find the all-important Gin Gin Mule recipe in Part 1, which is sure to enhance the listening experience.

In this episode, we pit the actresses we like to call Blockbuster Beauties (i.e., those who can or could open a movie/command a good paycheck, and/or have been part of a franchise at some point) against the Indie Queens (reliable actresses known for choosing interesting work).


To recap our criteria: each actress must be alive, still (more-or-less) working in cinema, and have at least one Oscar nomination to her credit. Keep in mind this showdown was recorded in one sitting, so we're super tipsy by this point. Cheers, and thanks for listening!


Sandra Bullock
Angelina Jolie
Michelle Pfeiffer
Natalie Portman
Julia Roberts
Sigourney Weaver
Reese Witherspoon
Renee Zellweger


Juliette Binoche
Patricia Clarkson
Toni Collette
Viola Davis
Laura Dern
Laura Linney
Frances McDormand
Marisa Tomei

Best Picture Cheeses: 'Gravity'

Best Picture Cheeses: 'Gravity'

In space there are few straight lines, no clear up or down, and no earth to stand on. Flat planes of existence disappear and the world asserts its full three dimensions, enveloping your body in its grasp.

Not that I’ve been to space, but this is how I perceive it to be, and how Alfonso Cuarón makes us feel while watching his miracle of a movie, Gravity.

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