The 3rd Annual CineMunchies: Honoring the Best of 2016 in Cinema

The 3rd Annual CineMunchies: Honoring the Best of 2016 in Cinema

With the end of the year fast approaching (the film year doesn't end until the Oscars this Sunday, duh), it's high time to award the CineMunchies! We discussed our top ten films of 2016 in last week's CineDrunk, and now we're bestowing honors for the best food moments in film, the best feline performance, and more!

For our Best Picture and acting awards, we attributed points based on our personal rankings, and those with the most points became our honorees. For other categories, we used a combination of secret ballot, tea leaves, and martini-fueled caucusing.

Cheers to another year of cinematic superlatives!

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CineDrunk: Best of 2016 - Top Ten Lists

Priorities. Choices. Top Tens. We'll follow Viola's lead and just get to it.


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CineDrunk: Best & Worst of 2016 So Far

The year is half over, which is as good an excuse as any to dust off our ball gowns, fill the champagne flutes and hand out some awards. Oh, first-six-months-of-2016, we barely knew ye.

In the podcast that follows we recount our favorite and least favorite films we've seen so far, and we cook up some new superlatives like Most WTF Moment, Best Ass, and the Goofy Granny Award. (Hint: the winner is one of America's bushiest.) Listen in as we crown the jewels of Winter/Spring with our favorite libations in hand.