The 5th Annual CineMunchies: The Films & Scenes of the Year


And now for the final envelope!

We dished about our favorite films of 2018 in our Top Ten podcast, then we awarded the first batch of our 5th Annual CineMunchies to the performances of the year, so now it's time to throw the last bit of dirt on the cinematic grave of 2018 with the CineMunchies honoring the best scenes of last year at the movies.

To determine our collective top ten films of 2018, we attributed points based on our personal rankings, and those with the most points became our honorees. For other categories, we used a combination of secret ballot, tea leaves, and martini-fueled caucusing.

Cheers to another year of cinematic superlatives!


Best Picture:

2. Can You Ever Forgive Me?
3. Eighth Grade
4. Roma
5. Paddington 2
6. The Favourite
7. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
8. The Rider
9. Sorry to Bother You
10. Private Life

Top 10 Food & Drink Moments
• Jeon Jong-seo pantomimes eating a tangerine in Burning
• Melissa McCarthy & Richard E. Grant drink and commiserate at Julius’s in Can You Ever Forgive Me?
• Singapore street food in Crazy Rich Asians
• RV cooking for one in Free Solo
     • Rachel McAdams gets a “nice chard” to assist Jason Bateman with bullet removal in Game Night
     • Brendan Gleeson learns to appreciate marmalade sandwiches in Paddington 2
     • Miyu Sasaki loves the family’s soup pancakes in Shoplifters
• Bradley Cooper gets frozen peas for Lady Gaga’s sore hand as they bond in a parking lot in A Star is Born
• Haley Lu Richardson loooves chocolate milk in Support the Girls
     • Hand grinding Oreos at the ice cream parlor in Werewolf

Favorite Scenes of the Year
     5. Bride-to-be defeats future mother-in-law at Mahjong in Crazy Rich Asians
4. The beach scene in Roma
3. Jack Jack vs the raccoon in Incredibles 2
2. Bonfire chat between father and daughter in Eighth Grade
     1. Jackson Maine brings Ally onstage to debut “Shallow” in A Star is Born

Special Recognition in Craft
• Justin Hurwitz’s score for First Man
• Joshua Altman & Bing Liu’s editing of Minding the Gap
• Alfonso Cuarón’s cinematography of Roma


Film That Surprised Us Most
   In A Good Way: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
   In A Bad Way: Vice

Most Underrated Film
Bad Times at the El Royale

Most Overrated Film
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Most Overlooked Film
Never Goin’ Back


Best Opening Scene
Concert re-recording in The Death of Stalin

Best Ending Scenes
Impatiently waiting in a booth at Applebee’s in Private Life and rooftop yelling into the wind in Support the Girls

Most Romantic Moment
   ‘Moving the fridge’ in If Beale Street Could Talk

Best Sex Scene
The Rachels (McAdams & Weisz) give in to decades of repressed desire in Disobedience


Favorite Jaw on the Floor Moment
The car ride home from the party in Hereditary

Best Horror Scenes
Bear attack in Annihilation
Pool party in Eighth Grade
• The climb in Free Solo
• Tub birth in A Quiet Place
• Horsey time in Sorry to Bother You

Scenes of Dance Excellence
• Mary Steenburgen tap dances her heart out in Book Club
• A courtly “Soul Train” in The Favourite
• Dual dance/studio of mirrors in Suspiria

Best Music Moments in Film
• Cynthia Erivo sings some classics as distraction in Bad Times at the El Royale
     • Queen performs at Live Aid in the finale of Bohemian Rhapsody
     • Going Out of Business concert at the record store in Hearts Beat Loud
     • “Always Remember Us This Way” in A Star is Born
• Unexpected pathos as “I’ve Never Been to Me” plays in You Were Never Really Here